Cashmere Agency’s Top PR and Marketing Execs Say Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Starts With ‘Counting Your Wins’

Office With a View: The lifestyle-marketing group’s public relations SVP Brianne Pins and CMO Rona Mercado discuss helping businesses reach diverse consumers

The Cashmere Agency's Brianne Pins and Rona Mercado
The Cashmere Agency's public relations SVP Brianne Pins, left, and chief marketing officer, Rona Mercado. (Cashmere Agency)

Joining the Cashmere Agency early on was a good bet for chief marketing officer Rona Mercado, the company’s third employee, and public relations SVP Brianne Pins, its seventh. Now, the two have worked there for over a decade, helping businesses reach consumers of diverse backgrounds authentically.

The award-winning lifestyle-marketing agency was launched in 2003 by its co-founders Ted Chung and Seung Chung, who saw most of Hollywood’s marketing efforts getting steered toward white audiences. Today, Cashmere has become one of the entertainment industry’s go-to culture-centered marketing agencies, and it has collected a large clientele list along the way, including Google, BET, Universal Pictures, Netflix, FX, Coca-Cola and more.