IMDb’s CEO Says Hollywood Should Embrace Tech: ‘There Are Better Ways to Tell Their Stories’

Office With a View: Col Needham, founder of the Internet Movie Database, says its mission to share entertainment data “has remained the same — but the way you do it is constantly evolving”

British computer engineer and movie buff Col Needham founded IMDb (formerly Internet Movie Database) in 1990, starting it as a fan-operated film and TV database on the Usenet group rec.arts.movies and migrating it to the then-new web in 1993. The company, a Hollywood resource for celebrity and contact info as well as movie dates, casts and crew, was gobbled up by Amazon in 1998.

To date, Needham has seen and rated more than 14,700 films. He’s watched more than 1,200 new films in the last 18 months alone, which works out to more than a quarter of his waking hours, if you assume a typical two-hour run time.