PBS Kids Head Sara DeWitt Says ‘Creativity Is Most Exciting’ Outside of Traditional Media

Office With a View: The executive sees gaming’s narrative storytelling as a growing area of potential in children’s education

PBS Kids Head Sara DeWitt

PBS Kids SVP and general manager Sara DeWitt always thought she would go into publishing after earning her English degree with a focus on children’s literacy development from Stanford University. But after taking an “experimental class” for her master’s degree, her entire career trajectory changed.

“The idea was that you had all these computer science folks who were suddenly in positions where they had to write story to get people through game environments and you had all these English majors who understood story but were afraid of the technology,” DeWitt told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View. “My prerequisite for that class was having to learn HTML and then I got paired with computer science students to tackle different challenges and create different media types and I came out of it thinking there’s something really interesting here about what I’ve been thinking about with kids and story and what you could do in an interactive space.”

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