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Palin Family Brawl: 7 Outrageous Revelations From Newly Released Police Report

Punches, blood and someone shouting the C-word

Anchorage police released a report Thursday detailing a fight that broke out at a house party in September where several members of the Palin family were in attendance. As TheWrap previously reported, witnesses named Track Palin and Bristol Palin, the son and daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, as being physically involved in the brawl. No arrests were made the night of the incident and no one involved opted to press charges.

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The new report is offering new details about the altercation. Here are the 7 most shocking revelations:

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1. Bristol Palin says she was called a “cunt” and a “slut” at the party
Speaking to police, the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant said Korey Klingenmeyer, the male host of the party, called her a “cunt” and a “slut” after dragging her by her legs across the lawn.

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2. Bristol Palin allegedly punched the party’s host 5 to 6 times
Klingenmeyer told officers that he initially wanted to press charges against Bristol after she hit him. He then reportedly challenged Bristol to hit him again and she did, punching him in the face “five to six times.” After that, Klingenmeyer says he grabbed her fist and Bristol fell down.

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3. Track Palin was “shirtless,” “intoxicated,” and bleeding from his mouth and hands while speaking to police
The Palins’ adult son told police that partygoers had been “talking rudely” to his sisters and making them cry. When a friend of the family, identified only as Steven, was punched, the fight ensued.

4. People at the party began chanting “Fuck the Palins”
20-year-old Willow Palin told police that several people at the party began yelling, “Fuck the Palins.”

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5. Willow Palin says she was pushed by an older woman
The second daughter of Sarah and Todd also claims an older woman at the party pushed her. The reports make several references to witnesses attesting to both Bristol and Willow being drunk.

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6. Sarah and Todd Palin were present but used their words rather than their fists
Sarah Palin and her husband Todd were also present at the party but the police report makes no mention of their involvement in the fight. An officer did however write up testimony that Todd asked a partygoer if he had called his daughter Willow a “bitch.”

7. The Palins exited the party in a white stretch limo
After cooperating with authorities, the Palins left the party in a white limousine. Several witnesses have stated that it was in fact a stretch Hummer.

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Once news of the altercation broke last month, Sarah Palin took to her Facebook wall to post how proud she was of her children:

“I love my Bristol!” Palin wrote. “My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet. I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar! As you can imagine, they and my extended family have experienced so many things (liberal media-driven) that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith, and I’m thankful for our friends’ prayer shield that surrounds them, allowing faith to remain their anchor. Thank you, prayer warriors! I love you!”