Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Harry’s Pledge to Support King Charles: ‘Nobody Wants You Back’ | Video

The idea of the Prince of Sussex resuming some royal duties after his father’s cancer diagnosis is “frankly, an insult,” says the British TV personality

Piers Morgan, who is famously no fan of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, blasted the Prince of Sussex’s pledge of support for his father King Charles in the wake of the 75-year-old monarch’s cancer diagnosis. Morgan called Harry’s reported response “an insult.”

In a nine-minute monologue on Monday, Morgan said that Harry and Meghan can’t be “half in and half out” of the British Royal Family after their departure from royal life in 2020. “Nobody wants you back,” he insisted.

“The claim that he is ready and willing to serve his country and his king is frankly an insult,” Morgan said. “We all know what this is really about: Netflix is reportedly planning to pull the plug on Harry and Meghan’s $100 million deal… Spotify canceled Meghan’s dreary podcast. Without the royal links, the brutal reality is that Harry and Meghan are of no interest to anyone.”

Citing the revelations in Harry’s 2023 memoir, “The Spare,” Morgan said, “He smeared his own father, the king, as a liar.” Morgan added that Harry went “out of his way” to “shatter the reputation” of his brother Prince William and wife Kate with “implausible, ludicrous claim[s]” of racism towards Meghan and baby Archie.

“Why on earth would you want to reconcile with someone like that?” Morgan demanded. He also faulted the couple for attending the premiere of the biopic “Bob Marley: One Love” in Jamaica and “posing in smiling photographs with the Jamaican prime minister, who literally wants to abolish the monarchy.”

“The late queen was right: you can’t be half in half out and that out” of the Royal Family, Morgan continued. “The king should now return the favor and strip them of their tenuous titles and end this Sussex circus for good.”

While he had nothing but praise for Prince William, Morgan argued that no one could take Harry “seriously” as a “counselor of state shouldering the burden of 1,000 years of history as Britain’s representative across the world.”

Morgan shared an interview in which Harry said he had considered becoming a U.S. citizen.

“What would probably stop him from doing it? I have no idea,” the English broadcaster said. “You know what it might have been? You have to give up your titles to become a U.S. citizen.”


3 responses to “Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Harry’s Pledge to Support King Charles: ‘Nobody Wants You Back’ | Video”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Who cares what Pier Morgan or Megan Kelly think! Couple of know it alls pretending they have actual knowledge when they are just dumb gossips….get rid of them!y

  2. And Avatar

    Pathetic little troll. Let it and them go and move on with your dubious, unethical life and career, you bloody Daft git.

  3. Chris Avatar

    “Nobody wants you back!”, is also what Americans think of Piers Morgan.

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