‘Sex and the City’ Gets Netflix Premiere Date: ‘Hello, Lover’

All 6 seasons will be on the platform, making the classic show more broadly available


It’s official: Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York-Goldenblatt and Samantha Jones arrive on Netflix on April 1. No joke. The streamer announced the news on X (formerly Twitter) via a tweet that read, “Hello, lover! Sex and the City — The Complete Series — is coming to Netflix on April 1.”

News that the HBO series would finally make its way to Netflix was announced in January. Warner Bros. Discovery set up a deal with the streaming platform to allow all six seasons of the legacy series to make the leap.

The show’s sequel series, “And Just Like That…,” is still in production and will remain at Warner streaming service Max.

There was some early social media skepticism about what it means for Gen Z to more broadly get the chance to watch “Sex and the City,” though a number of users fired back to note that it’s not like this show has been an unknown quantity for many of them.

“Sex and the City” isn’t the only series that WBD has relinquished exclusive rights to. All five seasons of Issa Rae’s “Insecure” were made available on Netflix last July. Netflix has also nabbed streaming rights for “Band of Brothers,” “Six Feet Under” and more Warner programming.

Netflix also announced the news on Instagram, where the streamer captioned a series of photos of the show’s four stars, “he was a lawyer… he was a sandwich. and i am freaking out bc SEX AND THE CITY the complete series is streaming in the us starting april 1.”

The caption is a reference to the Season 3 episode “Running With Scissors.” Among other plotlines, including Carrie’s affair with Big and Samantha’s HIV test, corporate lawyer Miranda confronts a man dressed as a sandwich mascot after he catcalls her… and doesn’t hate what she sees. Ultimately, she decides a sandwich isn’t the right match for her.

Fans on Instagram also had plenty of suggestions for shows Netflix could bring back or keep on the air: “The Golden Girls,” “Friends” and “Shadow and Bone” all made the list.

Another requested fan favorite that was recently axed is “The Brothers Sun.” Netflix announced on Friday that the action-comedy series, which stars Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien and Sam Song Li, would not be renewed for a second season despite peaking as high as No. 2 in the streamer’s official Top 10 list and spending five weeks on said list.


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