‘Sex and the City’ Netflix Debut Gets Off to Slow Start With 2.5 Million Views

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“3 Body Problem” holds onto the top spot on the most-watched TV list, as Andrew Scott’s “Ripley” premiere lags

Sex and the City
Sex and the City (Credit: HBO)

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“Sex and the City” debuted on Netflix to a lukewarm audience.

Season 1 of Sarah Jessica Parker-led series, which arrived on the streamer on April 1, brought in 2.5 million viewers during its first week on Netflix, taking the No. 6 spot on the most-watched TV list.

Viewership for “Sex and the City” Season 1 was on par with “Is It Cake?” Season 3, which scored seventh place on the list with 2.5 million views, as well as the Andrew Scott-led “Ripley,” which similarly got a slow start with 2.3 million views in its first week on the streamer, scoring eighth place.

Likewise, “3 Body Problem” held onto the top spot on the most-watched TV list with 8.3 million views for the second week in a row, despite dropping from its previous viewership of 15.6 million the week prior. “3 Body Problem,” which spent its third week on the list following its March 21 release, continued to outpace both “Testament: The Story of Moses,” which scored second place with 5.7 million views, and “The Gentlemen,” which took the No. 3 spot with 5.6 million views in its fifth week on the list.

Thriller “Heart of the Hunter” remained atop the most-watched films list with 10.9 million views — down slightly from last week’s viewership of 11 million — while “The Little Things” took second place with 8.7 million views and “The Maze Runner” took third place with 6.7 million views.

“Scoop,” the fictionalized drama surrounding Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC interview, debuted to a viewership of 5.8 million in the No. 6 spot on the list, outpacing Millie Bobby Brown-led “Damsel,” which took the No. 7 spot with 4.9 million views.

French thriller “The Wages of Fear” held on to its position at the top of the non-English films list with 18.9 million views, up significantly from the 11 million views it brought in last week. Next up was Italian drama “The Tearsmith,” which debuted in second place with 16.2 million views, outpacing “No Pressure,” which drew 10.1 million views.

On the non-English TV front, limited series “Parasyte: The Grey” debuted in first place with 6.3 million views, while “Queen of Tears” took the No. 2 spot with 4.3 million views and “Physical: 100” Season 2 came in fourth place with 2.7 million views.


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  1. dang Avatar

    did robot write this? reruns of a 25 year old show that’s also on max ranks 6th… that doesn’t sound slow. and it was all the seasons not just season 1

  2. Olen Loden Avatar

    Such invaluable knowledge needs to be shared to everyone.

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