‘Sharper’ Propels Apple TV+ to Its Best Streaming Week of 2023 I Chart

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The Julianne Moore vehicle helped attract a mature audience to the service

Julianne Moore in Apple TV+'s "Sharper"
Julianne Moore in Apple TV+'s "Sharper"

Apple CEO Tim Cook owes Julianne Moore a gift basket — and maybe a MacBook Pro, too, while he’s at it. 

Why? Because “Sharper,” the new psychological thriller starring Moore and Sebastian Stan, among others, was the fifth most-streamed movie of the Feb. 17-19 weekend in the U.S., easily propelling Apple TV+ to its best showing of 2023 to this point. 

In fact, “Sharper” was the first Apple TV+ flick to crack Whip Media’s Top 10 movie ranker this year. (Whip Media’s rankings are based on viewer data from TV Time, its TV and movie tracking app with more than 25 million global registered users.