Sherri Shepherd Doubles Down on Her Lust for Sunny Hostin’s ‘Hot’ 21-Year-Old Son: ‘It’s Cougars All Over’ | Video

“You brought that boy over to me on a silver platter,” the “Sherri” host jokes after being a Hot Topic on “The View”

Sherri Shepherd has heard what “The View” had to say about her after she playfully hit on Sunny Hostin’s 21-year-old son, Gabriel — and now she’s doubling down.

A day after being roasted by Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg during Wednesday’s Hot Topics segment, Shepherd, 57, shared her side of the story on her own daytime talk show “Sherri.”

“I used to be a cohost on ‘The View’ and I’ve been back as a guest multiple times, but I have never been a Hot Topic until now. So here’s what happened, y’all. Sunny Hostin was a guest on [my] show a little bit ago and she brought pictures of her son, Gabriel,” Shepherd explained on Thursday.

“First of all, Sunny Hostin, you were the one who brought the pictures of Gabriel to me, alright? I didn’t see the pictures before the show — now, of course, I would’ve approved them,” she joked. “You know when you come over here it’s cougars all over, it is cougars lurking and waiting in their lair. You brought that boy over to me on a silver platter.”

“Listen: he is 18 years old, he’s old enough to vote; he’s 21, he’s old enough to drink; and guess what? I’m thirsty,” she continued, in jest. “Don’t be hiding your little face in your hands, talking about, ‘Don’t call him.’ Because you know what it makes me say? ‘Somebody get Gabriel’s phone number and tell Gabriel Auntie Sherri’s on the phone and Auntie Sherri needs somebody to come move some stuff around her house.’ And after I’ve seen that picture, he can come clean the pool as well and I want him wearing what he wore right in those pictures.”

“Sunny, don’t get brand new on me,” Shepherd concluded her bit. “How many cows do you want for Gabriel? How many goats?” (You can watch the entire segment in the video above.)

Thursday’s “Sherri” episode comes after Behar accused Shepherd of going “out of her mind over” Gabriel while previously interviewing Hostin, saying, “I think he’s real hot.” In turn, Hostin admitted that she’s “used to that with him,” though she ultimately shook her head to the idea of Shepherd asking him out.

“Sherri” airs weekdays at 12 p.m. in syndication, while “The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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