How Old Is Too Old? Inside the Battle to Remake the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ | Exclusive

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Mark Wahlberg, his agent Ari Emanuel and complicated rights issues have stalled a planned revival of the 1970s bionic man TV phenomenon

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It was 50 years ago that the “The Six Million Dollar Man,” a TV series about a former astronaut rebuilt with bionic limbs that give him superhuman strength, debuted on ABC.

The series starring Lee Majors became a cultural phenomenon, running for nearly 100 episodes from 1974 to 1978 and inspiring six follow-up television movies, “The Bionic Woman” spinoff and a cottage industry for licensed merchandise that included everything from action figures with an exploding briefcase to board games and comic books.  

And yet since the late 1990s, when a movie version of “The Six Million Dollar” man was first plotted, no producer or studio has successfully remade the show — partly because of competing interests over movie rights.


2 responses to “How Old Is Too Old? Inside the Battle to Remake the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ | Exclusive”

  1. Todd K. Avatar
    Todd K.

    1. It’s Caidin, not Caiden.

    2. Glen Larson did not develop the show; Harve Bennett did.

  2. cadavra Avatar

    Is there actually an audience for this anymore? We’ve had so many robots, androids, cyborgs and replicants in the interim that there’s really nothing left to wring out of this concept that I can see. Heck, NBC revived BIONIC WOMAN some years ago and it lasted a whopping nine episodes. As they say at the end of so many horror movies, some things should remain dead.

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