Ari Emanuel, Bryan Lourd and the Feud of the Century

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The dueling heads of powerhouse agencies Endeavor and CAA have been locked in conflict for over 20 years, and last week it spilled into the open.

Ari Emanuel and Bryan Lourd

In the glitzy corridors of Hollywood, few rivalries burn as intensely as the one between superagents Ari Emanuel and Bryan Lourd.

But last week the longtime battle royal, which dates to Endeavor CEO Emanuel’s early move to poach a CAA star away from Lourd to Endeavor, hit a new low when it spilled into public at Bloomberg’s Screentime conference in Los Angeles.

Emanuel fired the first shot when he declared that Lourd and fellow CAA managing partner Kevin Huvane should temporarily step down due to a lawsuit filed by actress Julia Ormond against Weinstein, Disney and CAA. Her suit includes allegations of sexual harassment, battery and retaliation.


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