Snooki Trolls Mehmet Oz’s PA Senate Run: ‘You’ll Be Back Home in Jersey Soon’ (Video)

“I heard you moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to look for a new job,” Snooki teases

Snooki has joined the bandwagon in trolling Mehmet Oz’s run for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat in a video posted Thursday.

In the video, posted by Oz’s Democratic opponent John Fetterman using the platform Cameo, Snooki trolls the Republican doctor/talk show saying, “I heard you moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to look for a new job.”

“And don’t worry,” Snooki continues, “because you’ll be back home in Jersey soon, this is only temporary.”

Fetterman captioned the video by saying, “Hey @DrOz ?, JERSEY loves you + will not forget you!!! ? It is unclear if Fetterman commissioned and paid for Snooki to film the video. See it in its entirety at the top of this post.

Snooki begins by introducing herself as a “hot mess on a reality show basically” and concludes her message by wishing Oz luck and assuring him that “Jersey will not forget [him].”

The video follows onto previous ridicule by Fetterman on Twitter this month, including when Fetterman mocked the hardcore Trump supporter’s Pennsylvania candidacy with a campaign ad in the style of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and criticized Oz for filming a campaign ad in his New Jersey mansion.

Last week, after Oz filmed his campaign ad in his home in New Jersey, Fetterman quote tweeted the video, saying “Pro tip: don’t film an ad for your PA senate campaign from your mansion in New Jersey.” Fetterman also attached two images from a 2020 People magazine profile that showed off the Republican doctor/talk show host’s extravagant home in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

In June, Jimmy Kimmel imagined what it would be like if Oprah apologized for having introduced him on the American public, as Oprah had backed Oz at the beginning of his career. In May, Stephen Colbert questioned Oz’s Pennsylvania candidacy, joking that “despite the fact that until the moment he announced, [Oz had] been living in and filming his show in New Jersey.”