‘So Help Me Todd’ and ‘CSI: Vegas’ Canceled at CBS

The network still hasn’t decided on the fates of “NCIS: Hawai’i” and “The Equalizer”

CSI: Vegas and So Help Me Todd
Side by side of "CSI: Vegas" and "So Help Me Todd" (Photo Credit: CBS)

Two CBS shows that have been on the bubble, “So Help Me Todd” and “CSI: Vegas,” have been canceled by the network.

“So Help me Todd” is set to conclude its second and now final season on May 16. Three days later, “CSI: Vegas” will conclude its third season. Both dramas performed pretty well in the ratings for the network, but found themselves out of room in CBS’ upcoming schedule given the expected premiere of three upcoming dramas — “NCIS: Origins,” “Matlock” and “Watson.”

Created by Scott Prendergast, “So Help Me Todd” follows Todd (Skylar Astin), an investigator with good instincts who’s the black sheep of the family. The legal comedy-drama first premiered in 2022 and also stars Marcia Gay Harden and Madeline Wise. As for “CSI: Vegas,” the crime drama was the fifth series in the “CSI” franchise as well as a revival of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” also known as “CSI: Las Vegas.” The series starred Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez, and Mandeep Dhillon.

So far, only two CBS shows have been canceled during this television season. Freshman series “Elsbeth” was most recently renewed and joined the ranks of new series “Tracker” and “NCIS: Sydney.” Previously, longer running series “Fire Country,” “Ghosts,” “NCIS,” “The Neighborhood” and “SWAT” as well as “FBI,” “FBI: International” and “FBI: Most Wanted” were also renewed.

The fates of two CBS scripted series still remain up in the air: “NCIS: Hawi’i” and “The Equalizer.” The network previously renewed “NCIS” for a new season, and has “Origins” in the works for the fall, which leaves the future of the Vanessa Lachey-led spin-off in limbo for now. The drama is currently in its third season.

As for “The Equalizer,” the reboot of the series of the same name led by Queen Latifah originally premiered in 2021. The drama, which follows a woman with a certain set of skills who is dedicated to defending the helpless in her city, is currently in its fourth season, which will conclude on May 19.


2 responses to “‘So Help Me Todd’ and ‘CSI: Vegas’ Canceled at CBS”

  1. Ashley Oxendine Avatar
    Ashley Oxendine

    I love love love so help me Todd that would be a huge mistake 

    1. Sludge Hound Avatar
      Sludge Hound

      Ditto big time on that. Has a bit of that slant seen by the also stong story flow of the best CBS shows of its type.
      Maybe they felt it leans into same vibe as Elsbeth, quirky crime material. So Todd had to go. I was just buying into the main players too. Liked his sister for the balance she brought to scenes as did the ex girl friend. Even thought they were going somewhere with the shop girl introducted lately.
      Will be missed. CBS is generally spot on with sticking it out with new shows. They cut early, just felt bum rush for a show with a lot of promise and avenues. Perhaps had show ended after just first season…

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