Not All Streaming Churn Is Bad, Magid’s New Analytics-Driven Tool SubScape Finds

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The strategy and consulting firm’s new data aims to differentiate between “bad” and “strategic” churn

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As streaming services seek to scale up and eventually become profitable, a key issue that they face is subscriber churn.

But new findings from media industry strategy and consulting firm Magid’s next generation analytics-driven tool SubScape say that not all churn is bad. Per Magid, some psychographic segments that are predisposed to churn can provide a competitive advantage that helps streamers increase market share and profitability when managed strategically.

According to a monthly survey of 2,000 individuals ages 13 to 75 conducted by the firm, 40% of respondents, on average, said that they may cancel or are likely to cancel the individual paid service used by their home in the next year.


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