Streamflation: Why Streaming Prices Keep Going Up | Charts

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Nearly all the majors hiked prices within the last year – and a new analysis warns that there may be more to come

TheWrap/Christopher Smith)

Streamflation has pinched viewers’ wallets: Nearly all the major services have hiked up their prices, in some cases multiple times, within the last year. And it may not be the end, as a new analysis suggests that some players have room left to increase prices.

The price hikes, along with cutbacks on content spending and marketing, are a key tool streamers have to curb their losses as Wall Street keeps a tighter rein on unprofitable streaming ventures. Though there are other options for squeezing more revenue from an existing customer base, like leaning into ad-subsidized services or cracking down on password sharing, raising prices is the most straightforward route to a stronger bottom line.