‘Street Fighter 6’ Knocks Out the Competition in PC Sales | Chart

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The newest entry in Capcom’s storied fighting game franchise debuts as the No. 1 paid game on Steam

Street Fighter 6 by Capcom
Juri in "Street Fighter 6"

Producing the most accessible fighting game in years has worked out for Capcom, as its new entry from the franchise, “Street Fighter 6,” has not only trounced other fighting games in terms of concurrent players on launch, but the title’s also demolishing opponents on the Steam sales chart, which ranks PC games in terms of sales revenue.

The No. 1 overall revenue generator of the week was the first-person shooter “Counterstrike: Global Offensive,” a game that more or less lives in perpetuity atop the pile thanks to its free-to-play, microtransaction-based economy and huge community: It has approximately 1.2 million concurrent players almost 11 years into its life cycle.