‘The Daily Show’ Sets All-Star Host Lineup for Return With Leslie Jones, Desus Nice, Sarah Silverman and Charlamagne tha God

Comedy Central’s late night show returns on Monday

The Daily Show hosts
Four part split of Leslie Jones, Desus Nice, Sarah Silverman and Charlamagne tha God, who are guest hosting The Daily Show (Photo Credit: Getty Collection)

Four days before its return, “The Daily Show” has finally announced its guest host lineup. Comedian and “Daily Show” correspondent Michael Kosta will lead off the first week starting Monday.

For the rest of 2023, the Comedy Central late night show will be hosted by guest hosts. This rotation will feature a combination of familiar and new faces. For example, as previously mentioned, Kosta is set to take over the late night show’s first week back, and there will be a planned news team takeover the week of November 20. Also Leslie Jones, who hosted in mid-January, and Sarah Silverman, who hosted in mid-February, are set to return.

As for “The Daily Show” hosting newcomers, Desus Nice, Charlamagne tha God and Michelle Wolf are all set to lead their own weeks. None of these additions are new to the world of late night. Best known for his collaborations with The Kid Mero, Desus Nice co-hosted “Desus and Mero” for Viceland for two seasons before moving to Showtime for four more seasons. Charlamagne tha God used to host “Hell of a Week” on Comedy Central before the series was canceled in May. But no one on this roster is more experienced than Michelle Wolf.

As a writer for “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Wolf appeared in several sketches before she moved to become a contributor for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” She then hosted her own talk show on Netflix, the one-season “The Break with Michelle Wolf” and was the featured performer at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. 

Here’s the full schedule of “Daily Show” hosts in the coming weeks:

  • Week of October 16: Michael Kosta
  • Week of October 23: Desus Nice
  • Week of October 30: Charlamagne tha God
  • Week of November 6: Sarah Silverman 
  • Week of November 13: Leslie Jones 
  • Week of November 20: “The Daily Show” News Team Takeover feat. Dulcé Sloan, Ronny Chieng and more
  • Week of November 27: Michelle Wolf

Ever since Trevor Noah unexpectedly left the series in later 2022, who will permanently host “The Daily Show” has become one of late night’s biggest questions. It’s been rumored that Leslie Jones, Chelsea Handler, who has been vocal about wanting the job, and Kal Penn were on the shortlist, but it was largely believed that Hasan Minhaj was the frontrunner for the job. That changed once the New Yorker ran an article in which Minhaj admitted many of the stories in his act were exaggerated or fictionalized, instead insisting that he relied on the “emotional truth” of his act.

Following the article, several former “Daily Show” staffers told TheWrap the debacle “disqualifies” Minha from the role. It was then reported that Comedy Central was broadening its search in the wake of this controversy.


4 responses to “‘The Daily Show’ Sets All-Star Host Lineup for Return With Leslie Jones, Desus Nice, Sarah Silverman and Charlamagne tha God”

  1. cadavra Avatar

    And again I say, forget about a permanent host. New faces every week gives the show a wide variety of colors and comedy.

  2. Enid Davis Shupe Avatar
    Enid Davis Shupe

    I was really hoping ROY WOOD would have been the permanent host. He was the best.

  3. Kelita Kelly Bradley Avatar

    Charlamagne-the god you had the lying, lair Nancy Mason on your show. This is why you lost your other show, you suck when it comes down to showing which party is fighting for DEMOCRACY. What the hell are you trying to prove there is no equal in Republicans and Democrats? I’m not saying Democrats are not wrong, but to put this lying, lair Mason, on to defend trump. Are you telling me you could not find a more truthful guest? You let her get away with lying to your face about Georgia. I’m a Black American and you don’t know which side you are on, there is a side and it’s called DEMOCRACY now tell me which party is fighting for DEMOCRACY and join in.

  4. Lloyd Jones Avatar

    Let’s face it…Democrats are so Satanically Desperate to destroy Trump and prevent him re-becoming America’s next president that they would say anything, and stoop to any level to prevent Americans from having the option of re-electing him. They would literally French-Kiss a snake. And, judging by their apparent replacement with Gavin Newsom, that’s what they’ve done.

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