‘The Marvels’ Box Office Bust Highlights the MCU’s Biggest Challenge | Analysis

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If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no longer special there may be less interest in new “X-Men,” “Fantastic Four” and “Blade” movies

The Marvels
Marvel Studios

“The Marvels” didn’t crash and burn at the box office this past weekend due to superhero fatigue. Nor was it the lowest opening weekend in MCU history because fans were rebelling against the female-driven ensemble — the gender makeup in North America over the opening weekend was 61% male and 39% female.

Instead, the film limped to a $46.1 million opening weekend due to a number of factors including declining trust in the Marvel brand, all of which speak to an existential challenge for Marvel Studios: Make Marvel special again.

Superhero movies within the Marvel and DC universes are now as execution-dependent as other franchise titles.


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