Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap and Brad Pitt’s Plan B in Talks to Remake ‘The Thin Man’

The remake will be a modern retelling of the Dashiell Hammett stories

"The Thin Man"
"The Thin Man" (CREDIT: Everett Collection)

Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B shingle are in talks to obtain the remake rights of the comedy-crime movie “The Thin Man,” TheWrap has learned.

According to insiders with knowledge of the project, the rights to “The Thin Man” only recently became available. LuckyChap and Plan B had been eyeing this for some time prior to the strikes. No discussions of who will star are happening in respect to the SAG-AFTRA strike; however both companies would produce together.

“The Thin Man” is a 1934 hardboiled detective novel by author Dashiell Hammett, featuring the characters of Nick and Nora Charles. It was adapted into a successful film series starring William Powell and Myrna Loy that ran from the 1930s to the 1940s.

The remake would be a modern-day retelling of the Hammett stories. Warner Brothers previously owned rights through the original movies. There had been several previous attempts to adapt the films over the years.

The original novel centers on Nick Charles, a retired private detective who has married into wealth and spends his days drinking and enjoying the good life with his wife, Nora. However, when Nick’s former police partner shows up asking for help finding a missing inventor, Nick can’t resist getting involved.

Nora, bored with her idle life, is also eager to join the investigation. Together, the Charleses follow a trail of clues that leads them through the seamy underbelly of New York City, encountering gangsters, gamblers, and other shady characters.

Along the way, Nick and Nora solve a series of murders and uncover a complex conspiracy.

“The Thin Man” was a critical and commercial success and spawned five sequels. It is considered to be one of the greatest detective novels ever written and remains popular with readers and viewers today.

Robbie and Pitt most recently starred together in Damien Chazelle’S “Babylon” at Paramount.

Ron Bernstein reps the Hammett estate.


2 responses to “Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap and Brad Pitt’s Plan B in Talks to Remake ‘The Thin Man’”

  1. cadavra Avatar

    “The Thin Man” was very much a touchtone of its era. In 2024, the idea of a couple of giddy, martini-guzzling millionaires solving murders for fun couldn’t be more outdated. If they’re not going to keep it in period, they might as well just take all that money and flush it down the toilet.

    1. man73 Avatar

      I absolutely agree. Nick and Nora Charles only make sense if kept in period. An updated modern take on these characters will simply be a waste of money and talent. A lighthearted period mystery, possibly with Pitt and Robbie playing Nick and Nora, is something I might be willing to watch. At least it would be something refreshing when compared with what’s been coming out of Hollywood these days.

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