‘The View’ Gets Heated Over Biden Criticisms: ‘I Need a Chance to Respond!’ | Video

Alyssa Farah Griffin did not appreciate being instructed to vote for President Joe Biden

The View

The women of “The View” haven’t been stepping on each other’s toes too badly lately, but on Thursday morning, that changed as the hosts struggled to maintain order and not talk over each other during the first Hot Topic of the day.

The discussion centered on how President Joe Biden is handling high grocery prices nationwide and whether he should even truly be blamed for them. For Whoopi Goldberg, the answer was no, and the moderator argued that the real anger should be placed with grocery chains themselves.

“I have to say, I think our kvetch is not with him for grocery prices. I’m mad at the grocery stores!” Goldberg said. “Because if all of the things have been opened and the — why are you still raising prices?”

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, host Alyssa Farah Griffin felt differently, arguing that “there are absolutely things that Biden can do to address it.” As she started to list those things, though, her cohosts started cutting in, prompting Goldberg to remind them to let her answer the question.

Things managed to get back on track, but only temporarily. Goldberg eventually noted that she’s “pissed off” about the price of groceries, but more mad about how people are being treated when it comes to their money.

But, as the show was about to go to break, cohost Joy Behar slipped in a quick comment to Farah Griffin: “People who are like you, who say that you hate, can’t stand Trump, you have to vote for Biden.”

At that, the table burst into overlapping chatter. Goldberg attempted to send the show to commercial, but Farah Griffin refused to let it happen, frustratedly calling out, “I need a chance to respond!”

You can watch the chaos in the video above.


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