‘Elemental’ Viewing Surpasses ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Disney+ | Chart

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Defying its disappointing box office performance, the Pixar production topped the latest streaming movie rankings

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Despite initially earning Pixar its worst opening weekend in studio history, “Elemental” has bounce back. It went on to have a box office comeback and achieve sleeper-hit status. That streak continues on streaming after debuting on Disney+ on Sept. 13. The animated film went on to become the most-viewed movie in its opening week on the platform this year.

Studio executives reported that it had amassed 26.4 million views in the first five days following its release on the streaming service, more than doubling that of live-action “The Little Mermaid” which hit the service earlier this month. That makes “Elemental” the most-watched film during the week of its premiere on Disney+ since “Turning Red.”