Jimmy Fallon Jokes Biden-Trump Debate’s No Audience Rule ‘Explains Why It’s on CNN’ | Video

The “Tonight Show” host looks at this year’s unusual presidential debate schedule

Now that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are officially set to face off in not one, but two upcoming presidential debates, late night hosts like Jimmy Fallon have been gifted a whole new avenue for material.

The “Tonight Show” host began his Wednesday monologue acknowledging the news while once again getting to show off his Trump impression.

“President Biden challenged former President Trump to two debates, and Trump accepted. Yeah, Trump agreed to the debate,” he said, before donning his Trump-voice: “‘I’ll be there, assuming it’s OK with my parole officer.’”

After Trump agreed to the initial debate, it was quickly decided that it would be moderated by CNN.

“The first debate will be next month, which is the earliest a presidential debate has ever been. And if we’re being honest, an early bird debate feels right for these guys,” Fallon joked. “Yep, Biden and Trump will meet June 27 on CNN, and one of Biden’s debate conditions was not having an audience. So that explains why it’s on CNN.”

And while the first debate is official, there are certain stipulations in place that must be met for it to go forward.

“Another condition from Biden is that he wants microphones that automatically cut off when a candidate hits their time limit,” Fallon explained. “Which will work, right up until Trump walks over to Biden’s podium: ‘That’s why, as I was saying over there, more wall…’”

The second debate will then take place nearly three months later on ABC News.

“Biden and Trump also accepted an invitation from ABC to debate on Sept. 10, and the winner will have the option of being president or the next ‘Golden Bachelor,’” Fallon joked. “Tough call.”

The comedian also applauded Michael Cohen for calling Trump a “Cheeto-dusted cartoon villain” on the witness stand in the ongoing hush money trial. He then offered some other suggestions — including a shaved Lorax, a rejected mascot for Velveeta, Thick Nolte, a baby with a toupee, and an Oompa Loser.

You can watch the entire segment, above.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.


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