How the Streamers Stack Up in Demand for Unscripted TV | Charts

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Unscripted TV is thriving on FAST services, while Peacock leads SVOD providers in demand for reality programming

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay, host of "Hell's Kitchen" (Fox Media)

Streaming series premieres are slowing down as the platforms move away from unscripted content from streamers. The share of unscripted streaming original shows has fallen each quarter since Q4 2021, when 26% of all streaming original shows were unscripted series.  

Two factors are behind this shift. The peak pandemic years of 2020-21 saw a boom in streamers releasing new unscripted shows. Q4 2021 was the high water mark when 37.4% of streaming shows that premiered that quarter were unscripted. 

But from 2022 onward there has been a transition back to more scripted content from streamers. The fourth quarter of 2023 punctuated the change. Fewer than 10% of new streaming series to premiere last quarter were unscripted — a record low in the past three years.


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