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‘Upload’ Stars Andy Allo and Allegra Edwards Break Down the ‘Joy’ of Playing Different Characters This Season (Video)

”Because as you can imagine, being in Ingrid all the time, like, my back starts to hurt,“ Edwards tells TheWrap

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for season 2 of “Upload”

“Upload” has returned on Prime Video, and this season, series stars Andy Allo and Allegra Edwards share more than just a love interest. Both women got to briefly take on brand new characters as well, and it was harder than expected.

Since Nora (Allo) went off the grid for a bit following the events of the season one finale, her chair at Horizen sat empty — as did her Lakeview avatar. So, when Andy Allo and Robbie Amell reunited on screen, it wasn’t actually Nathan and Nora. It was Nathan and Tinsley (Mackenzie Cardwell), an angel in training who was using Nora’s avatar until she got her own.

“Honestly I’m tired of people using my avatar,” Allo joked with TheWrap. “Like, we need to talk about this, OK? I need to put a ban on my avatar.”

Jokes aside, Allo noted that she loved playing someone else in her body, but did struggle to find a balance with the new character.

“As an actor, it’s so great. You know, season one I got to do that with Lucy (Andrea Rosen’s character, leading Horizen), and so season two, I got to do that again,” Allo explained. “And there is a bit of that nervousness of like, OK, is it too far? Did I go too much? And there were moments, you know, where the director had to be like, ‘Um, so let’s bring it back. Um, maybe 80% Nora and 20%… whereas I was like, the reverse. But this time around, it just was all about playing. Especially because we were so in our characters this time around, having already set the tone and laid that foundation in season one.”

And though it may have broken fans’ hearts to see Nathan and Nora on screen together, but not truly as Nathan and Nora, it was a fun time for Robbie Amell.

“It was super fun. For me, it was like I got to be an audience member like watching this all happen,” he admitted. “It was really cool to get to see and to get to lean into something like that. And having met the actress that [Andy] was pretending to be was super fun and see the mannerisms that they kind of like, worked out between each other.”

Amell noted that his reunion with Allo was one of his best memories from the season.

“That scene was actually one of my favorite scenes of the of the second season, because it was the first time we were all really together in the season,” Amell added. “Because Andy had been at the lud camp. And with COVID, there wasn’t a lot of socializing or anything. So this was the first time that we all kind of got together, the entire cast back on the same set. So that was like one of the most fun days of filming that I can remember the second season.”

Meanwhile, Allegra Edwards went through a similar struggle as Allo, in terms of finding a balance with a new character. In her case, she played a woman that Ingrid hired to wear her hug suit (because spoiler alert: Ingrid didn’t actually self-upload for Nathan) to avoid long term physical harm — and go shopping.

“It was actually a lot more Allegra which in some ways made it easier and more difficult because I felt just like what Andy was saying, you feel a little uncomfortable. Like, it’s too much, it’s too much,” Edwards explained.

That said, Edwards was more than happy to get a brief reprieve from Ingrid, if only for the sake of her own physical comfort.

“Because as you can imagine, being in Ingrid all the time, like, my back starts to hurt,” she noted. “It gets a little rigid and I go home and my feet are sore, you know? So to kind of like, loosen up and explore my elbows more and like, you know, just be loosey goosey is a relief and it’s really fun.”

Season 2 of “Upload” is now streaming on Prime Video.

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