‘Walking Dead’ Star Chad Coleman Talks Season 5, Difficult Deaths and Why He Was Cast (Video)

Comic-Con 2014: The actor who plays Tyreese thought Carol’s decision to kill Lizzie was written “beautifully,” and hopes the toughest survivor on the series can become a leader

Last Updated: July 28, 2014 @ 6:09 AM

Chad L. Coleman’s “Walking Dead” dead character is one of the few who is not trapped in Terminus, and may be Rick and the gang’s only hope in Season 5. So will he come to the rescue when the hit AMC zombie drama returns in October?

“I hope so,” Coleman told TheWrap‘s Greg Gilman at the Comic-Con video lounge inside the “Walking Dead Escape” at Petco Park.

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Of course, Coleman couldn’t say for sure, but he did make it clear the road to any kind of rescue with current companions Carol (Melissa McBride) and baby Judith won’t be easy.

“We out there on the railroad tracks trying to find our way to Terminus, and you know, nobody goes unscathed,” Coleman said. “We gonna encounter some rough times, for sure.”

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Tyreese and Carol have had it pretty rough since they were separated from the heard after the fall of the prison. After finding a new possible safe haven, they discovered a child named Lizzie had developed a disturbing compassion for walkers, which led to the darkest death of the season.

“It beautifully captured how this crazy world twisted this little girl into something that, probably, is the most dangerous person in that world,” Coleman said of Carol’s decision to shoot Lizzie in the head. “You can’t think [zombies] are our friends.”

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Check out the video (above) for the full conversation about how Coleman hopes his character evolves, how he really feels about Carol, and why executive producer Robert Kirkman cast him in the role.