Watch Donald Trump’s Address to Congress Here (Live Video)

Trump’s first speech to Congress as President is about to kick off

Last Updated: February 28, 2017 @ 6:22 PM

Donald Trump’s first big address to Congress isn’t technically a State of the Union address, but it certainly functions as one. You can watch it in the embedded video above.

All the news networks are offering wall to wall coverage of Trump’s speech, which will take over all four of the major broadcast networks as well as PBS, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

All of those nets are also offering supplementary coverage, most of which can be viewed online as well.

We’ve rounded up all the various ways you can watch the speech and analysis afterward. You’ll find CNN here, Fox News here, MSNBC and NBC News here, PBS NewsHour here, ABC News here, and CBS News here.

Donald Trump also seems likely to use his address of the joint session of Congress to continue to defend the executive order he issued banning travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The ban has been widely criticized by both Democrats and Republicans, and drawn voters to protest across the country. It was even protested during the 2017 Academy Awards. Iranian director Asghar Farhadi boycotted the Oscars because of the ban. He wrote a statement that was read when his movie “The Salesman” won Best Foreign Language Film that harshly called out the travel ban as inhuman and deceitful. Farhadi had one of the few moments of defiance in Oscar acceptance speeches, though host Jimmy Kimmel certainly got in his fair share of jabs.

After a tumultuous first month in office, it seems likely that Trump will also use the address as a chance to lay out big plans and reframe the discussion about his presidency. PBS Newshour reported that, in a meeting with governors from across the country Monday, Trump said the address will include a “big statement” on a plan to rebuild American infrastructure. Trump has spoken about an infrastructure plan since before his election, promising to spend $1 trillion to rebuild roads and bridges throughout the country.