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Where to Stream All the ‘Jackass’ Movies

Watch Johnny Knoxville get hurt over and over and over again

A staple of the comedy genre has forever been watching people get hurt, and nowhere is this more evident than in the continuing legacy of the “Jackass” franchise.

What started as a MTV reality series in which various jackasses performed increasingly stupid stunts for the benefit of the cameras before them eventually evolved into a four-film movie franchise spanning two entire decades.

“Jackass: The Movie” was released in theaters in 2002 and was intended to be the conclusion to “Jackass” – a feature film capper after a three-season run on TV. But after grossing nearly $80 million on a budget of just $5 million, “Jackass” the movie franchise was born.

Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and many, many more continued to make fools of themselves for the camera in three additional feature films released across the next 20 years.

“Jackass: Number Two” arrived in 2006, while “Jackass: 3D” took advantage of Hollywood’s 3D craze in 2010. The most recent installment, “Jackass Forever,” was released in 2022 and is currently playing in theaters.

So if the release of the latest “Jackass” movie has you eager to revisit the prior films, below we’ve assembled a list of where all the “Jackass” movies are streaming. These films are also available for purchase from digital retailers if you don’t subscribe to these streaming services.

“Jackass” Movies Streaming on Paramount+

Paramount+ is currently the exclusive streaming home of the first three “Jackass” movies and the TV series.

  • “Jackass” the TV show
  • “Jackass: The Movie”
  • “Jackass: Number Two”
  • “Jackass 2.5: Uncut”
  • “Jackass 3D”

Is “Jackass Forever” Streaming?

“Jackass Forever” was released exclusively in theaters on Feb. 2, 2022, but thus far Paramount Pictures has been mum on when the film will be made available for streaming. All of Paramount’s films will eventually be streaming on Paramount+, some as early as 45 days after their theatrical release, but again Paramount hasn’t set a firm streaming date for “Jackass Forever” just yet.

So right now, the only way to see “Jackass Forever” is in movie theaters.