Which Streaming Service Is Most Likely to Cancel Popular Shows? | Charts

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Despite what you might think, it’s not Netflix

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When analyzing the television industry, a key question arises: What drives a network’s decision to renew a TV show for additional seasons? This decision is multifaceted, rooted in the complex interplay of various factors, with audience engagement at its core. In our data-centric age, networks assess a show’s popularity and influence, moving beyond traditional viewership metrics to include digital engagement, such as social media presence and online discussions, which are crucial indicators of a show’s cultural significance and growth potential.

Parrot Analytics’  demand metric encapsulates these elements, offering insights into the factors influencing a show’s renewal. For instance,  audience demand within the first 60 days post-release — a critical period for gauging a show’s impact — can predict the likelihood of a show being picked up for a second season.


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