‘Yellowjackets’ Star Melanie Lynskey Teases a ‘Crazy’ Season 2: ‘This Is Nuts’ (Video)

“What they’re asking of the young cast, especially Sophie Nélisse, this year is a lot,” Lynskey tells TheWrap

“Yellowjackets” star Melanie Lynskey is teasing the drama’s “crazy” upcoming second season, noting that what the show has in store for its fans is “nuts.”

“It’s crazy,” Lynskey told TheWrap at Saturday’s Film Independent Spirit Awards. “Episode 1, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is a good progression,’ [but] Episode 2, I was like, ‘What’s happening? What’s going on?This is nuts.’”

Lynskey, who plays Shauna in the Showtime series, also noted the extreme demands for the teen version of her character, played by Sophie Nélisse, saying, “What they’re asking of the young cast, especially Sophie … this year is — it’s a lot.”

Lynskey also reflected on her goal to “do something different” in her recent role in HBO’s “The Last of Us,” where she plays Kathleen, an unlikely leader who many underestimate as not capable enough to stir up an uprising.

“I wanted to play somebody who you wouldn’t expect to be in that position,” Lynskey continued, adding that she chose to embrace an “unusual leader” since “anything’s possible” in a zombie apocalypse.

“[When] she’s revealed, you’re kind of like, ‘How did that happen?’” she said. “And then you find out how it happened: She’s been in power for about 10 days, and she’s struggling and grieving and she’s like, freaking out.”

Despite her vendetta taking over and “messing everything up,” Lynskey confirmed that “she did it — she liberated the city,” showcasing what would happen if society was forced to “listen to a quiet woman.”

While Lynskey’s character showcased bravery during the apocalypse, she admits that she was “terrified” by the “absolutely insane” stunt performers who played infected zombies.

“That was all practical — it was people and makeup [and] I was so terrified; there was no acting required,” Lynskey said, adding that she “ran for it” away from the performers. “They’re all stunt performers; they can run faster than you’ve ever seen.”

Elijah Gil contributed to this report.

“Yellowjackets” Season 2 will premiere March 24 for Showtime subscribers before airing on the network on March 26. “Yellowjackets” is available to stream on the Showtime app, on demand for Showtime subscribers or on Hulu with the Showtime add-on.