Your First Look at Amazon Prime Video’s First Major Redesign in 9 Years (Video)

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TheWrap got a preview of the streaming service’s updated user interface, which includes a new navigation menu, viewing recommendations and a sports destination

Amazon Prime Video will begin rolling out a new, redesigned user experience this week aimed at improving on-app subscriber navigation and discovery. The updated interface, coming first to Prime Video on living room and Android devices, will be available to all Prime customers worldwide this summer.

Frustration with Prime Video’s user interface (UI) has been a topic of conversation for years. So why invest 18 months of development to rebrand now? After spending more than a decade amassing content assets for the service, a “need to evolve the customer experience” to match was necessary, Helena Cerna, Prime Video’s core tech director of product management, said during a preview of the new UI attended by TheWrap.