Canela Media Founder and CEO Isabel Rafferty Zavala Knew There Was a Market of Latino Viewers All Along

Office With a View: The executive breaks down her media company’s mission of being “led by Latinos, for Latinos”

Isabel Rafferty Zavala
Isabel Rafferty Zavala for TheWrap's Office With a View (Photo Credit: TheWrap)

As streaming started becoming the norm in film and TV, Isabel Rafferty Zavala looked around and realized that there was a major gap in the market. Though nearly everyone agreed that streaming was the future of entertainment, there was no option that catered to the specific needs of Latino consumers. Thus, Canela Media was founded in 2019.

“We say it’s made by Latinos, for Latinos,” Zavala told TheWrap, noting that the service’s audience is the company’s “bread and butter” as well as its “passion.” “I believe that differentiation is what’s going to make us excel in the space for this specific set.”


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