Is Cannes Back? Why a Wave of ‘Vibrant’ Film Sales Has Buyers ‘Very Happy’

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Cannes 2022: “I’ve seen a confidence in their business, saying we’re buying, we need content, and what do you got,” Millennium’s Jeffrey Greenstein says

Cannes Market Recap
Utopia/Neon/IFC Films/Festival du Cannes

Is Cannes back? Ahead of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, insiders told TheWrap that the Marche du Film might bring a healthy number of deals for packages and completed art-house films alike. And with sales for films big and small and from mega streamers to indies, buyers are leaving Cannes “very happy” with a volume of deal-making that some sales agents said hearkens back to the golden days before COVID.

“100%, I think we’re definitely back to pre-pandemic levels. Key buyers need movies, want movies, and hopefully these movies are going to be a success for them,” Nicolas Chartier, CEO of sales agent Voltage Pictures, told TheWrap.