Three Years After Britney, Wendy Williams Shows Celebrity Conservatorships May Still Be Toxic to Women

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Such court-ordered financial oversight arrangements “adversely and disproportionately impact women,” a lawyer told TheWrap

Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Wendy Williams and Nichelle Nichols. (Chris Smith/TheWrap)

In 2022, Wells Fargo successfully petitioned a judge to put talk show host Wendy Williams under what was said to be a temporary financial guardianship. The judge froze her accounts and set a hearing to determine if a guardianship was needed, all while the talk show host disputed the decision and accused a Wells Fargo financial advisor of lying to get access to her accounts.

The guardianship became the subject of a documentary on Lifetime this year, and has drawn criticism from her family, who say they have struggled to get access to her for even a phone call as she languishes in a private facility to treat her cognitive issues.


2 responses to “Three Years After Britney, Wendy Williams Shows Celebrity Conservatorships May Still Be Toxic to Women”

  1. Miranda C Spencer Avatar
    Miranda C Spencer

    Thank you for this story on an important issue. As someone who has covered Britney’s case specifically and conservatorships in general, I wanted to note that planning ahead and having one’s paperwork in order in case one becomes disabled is often not enough to stave off a conservatorship. Judges and lawyers frequently choose to ignore medical directives and other stated wishes, allowing conservators to do whatever they want in terms of their ward’s money, living situation, etc.

  2. Karl C Avatar
    Karl C

    Leave Britney alone, The Wrap. Stop reliving her dark times.

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