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Comic-Con ‘Zombie Walk’ Accident: Fate of Next Year’s Event Is Uncertain

”We haven’t made any decisions and won’t be doing so until the investigation is complete,“ event organizers say

As a 64-year-old woman recovers from injuries she suffered when she was struck by a car during the Comic-Con Zombie Walk, organizers of the event say its future is uncertain.

“We haven’t made any decisions and won’t be doing so until the investigation is complete and we have all the facts,” organizers wrote on their official Facebook page.

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The San Diego Police Department Traffic Division launched an investigation Saturday evening after a black Honda Accord, driven by a deaf man, slowly rolled through a large crowd of pedestrians near the corner of 2nd and Island Avenues. An elderly woman and a man were struck.

Investigators have not yet determined if anyone will be charged, SDPD spokesman Humberto Hernandez told TheWrap on Monday.

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The driver and his family told police they were waiting for Zombie Walk participants to cross the street so that they could proceed.

But after several minutes, “the 48-year-old male driver slowly rolled forward trying to get out of the area,” police said in a statement shortly after the incident, adding that the man’s children “were afraid of the crowd.”

During the chaos, the 64-year-old woman was struck and “sustained serious arm injuries when she fell under the car,” police said.

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Several people from the crowd of zombies and other pedestrians “surrounded and began punching the car,” police said. The attack left the vehicle’s windshield shattered.

Event organizers said on Facebook that the people who attacked the car were in the wrong. “We absolutely do NOT condone the actions of those who sat on the car and it is in our walk guidelines not to approach or touch cars. Has been for a long time. It’s clear those people were not part of our walk,” they said.

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Organizers also reminded everyone that the woman who was hit “was NOT part of our event.”

Officer Hernandez stressed that Zombie Walk is “not officially sanctioned by Comic-Con.”

Watch the video below of the accident.

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