Has ‘Coyote vs. Acme’ Sowed Distrust Between Warner Bros. and Creatives? | Analysis

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Despite the studio’s about-face after spiking the $70 million David Green-directed film, the damage remains, say directors

The animated feature film, “Coyote vs. Acme,” has never been more popular than it was last week, after Warner Bros. announced on Nov. 9 that it would shelve the completed $70 million film for a tax write-off, despite claims by some directors who saw it that the film had tested strongly.

But it might not make the studio so popular, as the move is being seen in the creative community as another bait and switch after the cancellation of last year’s “Batgirl.”

“I think it’s absolute bullshit that a studio can and does shelve the creative work of hundreds of people for a fucking tax break,” director Scott Derrickson wrote on X, noting a reason that circulated widely on social media even though the studio denied it.


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