Why Disney CEO Bob Chapek Gets Both an A and an F on His 2nd-Year Report Card

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Despite the exec’s recent LGBTQ gaffe, “his PR problem is not a business problem,” one entertainment attorney says

Bob Chapek
Bob Chapek Report Card

Even if you look hard, you won’t find a lot of folks in Hollywood applauding Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s public relations skills right now.

As the executive crosses into his third year as Disney chief after replacing the long-running Bob Iger in February 2020, Chapek is still facing the fallout over the company’s perceived lack of vocal support for the LGBTQ community and its failure failure to denounce Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law on Monday.

But industry experts observe the executive’s tendency to put his foot in his mouth — in this case, all the way up to the knee — hasn’t really affected stockholders’ confidence in Chapek’s business acumen.