Fubo Sports Network Head Credits Her Rise Through the Ranks to a ‘Thick Skin’

Office With a View: Pamela Duckworth says that embracing rejection and failure in her career has pushed her to work harder

Pamela Duckworth, the head of Fubo Sports Network, is one of the rare examples of women rising to the top in sports media. She credits her career success to “having a thick skin” in the male-dominated industry.

“You have to have a thick skin because when you’re doing sports, especially if you’re doing live sports, everything is coming at you so quickly that you just have to roll with it,” she told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View. “You have to be like, ‘OK, I can fix this’ and be solution-oriented.”

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Lucas Manfredi

Lucas Manfredi is a TV Business reporter with TheWrap. He has a Bachelor of Science in Television-Radio from Ithaca College. He can be reached at lucas.manfredi@thewrap.com.