Atmosphere CEO Blake Sabatinelli’s Advice for a Thriving Career: ‘Raise Your Hand’

Office With a View: The software programmer-turned-media executive runs a streaming TV service that takes advantage of “out-of-home” venues

TheWrap Illustration/Atmosphere

Atmosphere CEO Blake Sabatinelli has had a pretty unconventional path in the media industry, which he credits to “taking a road less traveled.”

“I was writing code when I was in my early twenties and ended up in the media industry really on accident when I got my first job as a producer for a local television station,” the software programmer-turned-media executive told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View.

He continued, “Taking a risk and taking a road that was significantly different than I had been on before led me to have my first CEO job when I was 33 and gave me the experiences that I needed to understand how to run a growth company, how to manage people at scale, how to deal with boards, how to deal with investors and has really ultimately been, what has allowed me to get to the place that I have today.”

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