Jimmy Fallon Warns if George Santos Gets Kicked Out of Congress, ‘He’ll Have to Go From OnlyFans Customer to Creator’ | Video

But, he added, the congressman has a plan to stay in office this Thanksgiving

In his monologue on Friday night’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon talked Snoop Dogg quitting marijuana, Thanksgiving and easier texting between iPhones and Androids. But before setting Taylor Swift beau/NFL Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s old tweets to music, Fallon turned his attention to the ongoing absurd corruption scandal of New York Rep. George Santos, including his apparent use of a site that famously features content from sex workers, OnlyFans.

“Everybody’s still talking about George Santos,” Fallon began the riff. “Yeah, a day after it came out that he spent campaign money on designer shoes, Botox and OnlyFans, there’s a new push to kick him out of Congress.”

“If Santos loses his job, he’ll have to go from OnlyFans customer to OnlyFans creator,” Fallon quipped.

Bringing back the Thanksgiving talk, Fallon continued, “That’s right, Santos could be expelled right after Thanksgiving, but he has a plan: He’s going to dress up as a turkey and get Biden to pardon him.”

This comes following the release Thursday of the House Ethics Committee’s investigation of Santos, which left many observers stunned. That includes CNN anchor Dana Bash, who said she’d “never read anything like this,” adding, “There is absolutely no room for any gray area at all.”

The investigation also revealed that Santos apparently put money from a donor into his personal checking account, spent that money on items including paying down his debt and making purchases from Hermes and Sephora and violated a number of other ethical guidelines. The Investigative Subcommittee’s report describes Santos’ actions as “unprecedented” and unanimously recommended referring matters from the investigation to the Department of Justice and publicly condemning Santos.

Fallon’s fellow NBC late-night host Seth Meyers roasted Santos on his own “Late Night” this past Thursday. Looking at Santos’ use of OnlyFans and Botox, Meyers asked, “Is he a congressman or a lesser Kardashian?”


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