Gratitude Productions Founder on Mining ‘Overlooked’ IP: ‘If You Really Believe in Something, Keep Going’

Office With a View: Lindsay Goffman, the executive producer behind ABC’s ”The Company You Keep“ discusses the boom in Korean adaptations

With ABC’s “The Good Doctor,” which is now rounding out its sixth season, Gratitude Productions’ Lindsay Goffman was one of the first executive producers to turn to Korean formats for English adaptation, well ahead of the explosive interest that followed with series like “Squid Game,” “Pachinko” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Now, the prolific producer is setting her sights on optioning a Korean novel for a new show, the first such deal in the industry.

“I feel like there is a real want and hunger for K-dramas,” Goffman told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View. “People are seeing they work.” AI, she added, could ease the burden of translation.

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Natalie Oganesyan

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