FanDuel TV’s SVP Says Change Is ‘Necessary’ to Grow

Office With a View: Kevin Grigsby tells TheWrap about the hard decision to rebrand Betfair’s TVG Network

FanDuel TV/TheWrap

In Kevin Grigsby’s 20-year plus career, he’s navigated through a lot of change — whether its the moment to moment of live television producing or leading the corporate rebranding of Betfair’s TVG network to FanDuel TV.

“Changing TVG to FanDuel TV was challenging for all of us. We were asked to create new content from nothing. We took on that change and launched two original studio shows from scratch in a matter of just a couple weeks,” he told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View.

“But equally as hard was the decision to pivot the brand from TVG,” he continued.I