Late Night Hosts Pile on Mike Lindell’s Phone Seizure at Hardee’s: ‘Not Sure You Wanna Go to Jail Being Known as The MyPillow Guy’

“Welcome to Hardee’s, you have the right to remain silent,” Stephen Colbert joked

Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert, Lindell in bubble (NBC, ABC, CBS, Lindell TV)
Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert, Lindell in bubble (NBC, ABC, CBS, Lindell TV)

Mike Lindell reportedly had his phone seized by the FBI this week while at a Hardee’s in Minnesota. And obviously, the hosts of television’s late night shows couldn’t resist mocking the situation on Wednesday.

“Welcome to Hardee’s, you have the right to remain silent,” Stephen Colbert joked, while Jimmy Fallon wished Lindell good luck. “I’m not sure you wanna go to prison known as the MyPillow guy,” the “Tonight Show” host said.

The phone seizure is related to an investigation into a a Colorado county clerk accused of tampering with voting machines.

Lindell revealed details about the situation during an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, explaining that three cars full of FBI agents cut him off in the parking lot of the fast food joint and issued him the search warrant. Lindell told ABC News he’s not “scared to go to jail” because he’s trying to “save” the country.

Read on for some of late night’s best zingers about the situation.

Jimmy Fallon

Fallon started by mocking Lindell’s video explaining what had happened, joking, “I can’t believe someone paid $800 for that on cameo.” But really, the “Tonight Show” host had a good laugh at the drive-thru aspect of things during his monologue, imagining what the exchange between Lindell and the speaker box must have been like when the FBI came in.

“So that’s one burger, one drink, and step out of the car please sir,” Fallon imitated.

In the end, Fallon had some well-wishes for the CEO though. “Good luck to Mike Lindell – I’m not sure you wanna go to prison known as the MyPillow guy,” Fallon joked.

You can watch Fallon’s monologue in the video below.

Stephen Colbert

Like Fallon, Colbert got a kick out of imagining what came through the speaker to Lindell at the drive-thru.

“Welcome to Hardee’s, you have the right to remain silent,” Colbert joked. “Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law, but you have the right to an attorney, and you can pick them up at the window please pull around.”

But Colbert also honed in on Lindell’s claim that he runs all of his companies from the cell phone that the FBI took.

“He runs everything off of his cell phone? Is he selling pillows or meth?” Colbert joked. “Listening to him talk, it’s hard to tell.” He added, “That’s not a great defense, Mike. ‘Officer you can’t take my car, how will I get all these bodies to the river?’”

You can watch Colbert’s monologue in the video below.

Seth Meyers

Meyers got in on the action, too. But instead of imagining what the actual arrest sounded like, the “Late Night” host simply marveled that the seizure was pulled off at a Hardee’s in the first place.

“It’s so fitting that they stopped Lindell at a Hardee’s because, when you think of it, Hardee’s would be a more accurate name for MyPillow,” Meyers joked.

But, there was another reason that serving Lindell’s at a Hardee’s made so much sense to Meyers.

“It’s also great because Lindell’s regular speaking volume is everybody else’s ordering-at-a-drive-thru volume,” he said. From there, Meyers busted out his Lindell impression, improvising what the rest of the CEO recounting of the story probably sounded like.

You can watch Meyers’s thoughts on the situation in the video below.

Jimmy Kimmel

Meanwhile, Kimmel had some questions about the chosen setting for this encounter. “Maybe you were in an episode of ‘Mankato Vice,’ we don’t know,” he joked.

But more seriously, he really did want to know the circumstances leading to the FBI cutting Lindell off at a Hardee’s.

“Like, was the FBI following him, or did they just say, ‘You know what, eventually, he’s gonna go to Hardee’s, we’ll just wait here,’” he wondered. “I have a feeling the FBI followed him around for a few days and finally stopped him in the place that would make the funniest headline, which was Hardee’s. And for that, I commend them.”

Kimmel also got a chuckle out of Hardee’s tweeting out following the seizure, joking that fans should try their “pillowy biscuits.”

You can watch Kimmel’s monologue — which was later crashed by newly minted Emmy award-winner Quinta Brunson — in the video below.