What Netflix’s $200 Million Bet on ‘The Gray Man’ Says About the Streamer’s Film Franchise Future

”They’re trying to play the old Hollywood game in the confines of new Hollywood,“ one analyst tells TheWrap

Netflix is in major need of a movie franchise hit, and it’s obvious why they would look to directors Anthony and Joe Russo (“Avengers: Endgame”) to find it with “The Gray Man,” which opened for a one-week theatrical run this weekend before hitting the streamer Friday.

But a franchise hit may not be all that Netflix needs to boost its fortunes, and with a budget north of $200 million, a lot needs to go right for “The Gray Man” to show that Netflix’s strategy as a film studio is on the right track.

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • brian.welk@thewrap.com • Twitter: @brianwelk