Rival Executives Weigh In on Netflix’s Movie Strategy: ‘They’re Suffering in the World They Created’ | Analysis

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After two respected film executives, Lisa Nishimura and Ian Bricke, exit the streamer, the industry is left with questions

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Will Netflix film chairman Scott Stuber, left, and co-CEO Ted Sarandos clash over the streamer's movie strategy? (Getty Images, Netflix)

Netflix shocked the industry last week with the news that two respected film executives, Lisa Nishimura and Ian Bricke, were leaving the company in an apparent nod toward austerity. But the move left many questioning just what Netflix’s strategy is for its cinematic future, and whether it will lead to a power struggle between co-CEO Ted Sarandos, who is adamant that Netflix is a streaming-first company, and film chairman Scott Stuber, who has stated that he would like Netflix to become a true cinematic force to be reckoned with, an aspiration that may require a far more substantial theatrical investment.  

“There are concerns being whispered around the industry that this move from Netflix could be signaling an end to the high-quality content we’ve seen them get behind in recent years, and — potentially — a return to the more formulaic ‘sure thing’ kind of content that is lower cost but more certain financially,” said a leading distribution executive speaking on condition of anonymity to TheWrap.