Oscars: TheWrap-Up

It’s just like you were there: winners, backstage interviews, red-carpet slideshow, lots more!

The Complete List of Winners

Let’s see … there’s "Slumdog Millioniare." And "Slumdog Millioniare." And "Slumdog Millioniare." And "Slumdog Millioniare." And…


It’s a "Slumdog" Rout!

A tiny film set in the slums of India capped an unlikely journey to the top, going from stealing hearts around the world to becoming the unlikely winner of Best Picture … by Sharon Waxman


The "Improved" Oscarcast: No Thank You

Shockingly bad production numbers, a glad-handing host, parodies that were outright offensive … three and a half hours felt like 10 … by Charles Taylor


Top Moments From the Show

Jerry Lewis! The Wrestler and the Vampire! "Slumdog" dancin’! And it doesn’t take four hours to watch!


Red-Carpet Slideshow

Kate Winset, Anne Hathaway, Brad and Angelina: Hollywod glamour at its best, on the way to the Big Event.


Backstage With Sean Penn

"It’s very sad in a way because it’s a demonstration of such emotional cowardice, to be so afraid of extending the same rights to fellow man that you’d want for yourself."


Backstage With Heath Ledger’s Family

"I said to him, ‘How are you feeling?’ And I said, ‘You’re gonna get a nomination from the Academy.’ So he just looked at me and smiled, so he knew."


Backstage With Kate Winslet

"I can’t be responsible for the emotions an audience has for a film … If the audience has sympathy for Hannah and if they felt morally conflicted as a consequence that would be interesting. But that wasn’t my intention."


Backstage With Penelope Cruz

"We are all mixed together, and more and more everyday, and that has to be reflected in cinema. So I’m happy that finally that door seems to be more open, to a much bigger group."


Backstage With Dustin Lance Black

"Where I’m from and small town America, they don’t know that there are gay heroes, and other gay people, and a beautiful future. I mean look at this, I hope it inspires some folks … "