‘Our Flag Means Death’ Has Become a Flagship Original Series for Max | Charts

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Season 1 had slow-burn success, but Season 2’s demand is already out-pacing some HBO staples

Our Flag Means Death
Taika Waititi in Our Flag Means Death Season 2 (Photo Credit: Max)

Our Flag Means Death” debuted in 2022 with a breakout hit first season, but the Max Original series had an atypical path to success — audiences discovered it gradually and continued doing so even after its finale. 

That unusual trajectory helped the show to have even longer-lasting demand than series that had more immediately successful premieres.  In its second season, which premiered on Oct. 5, “Our Flag Means Death” is building on that fanbase and reaching new levels of success.

Chart depicting Our Flag Means Death having more sustained demand than Peacemaker and Love & Death

By comparison, two other recent Max shows reveal comparisons that highlight what set the first season of “Our Flag Means Death” apart from other series premieres on the streaming service. 


5 responses to “‘Our Flag Means Death’ Has Become a Flagship Original Series for Max | Charts”

  1. Treacle_A Avatar

    The commission a third series HBO, YOU COWARDS!!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Please renew the show for the next and final season, Max

  3. Renew as a Crew Avatar

    We adore this show! Check out #RenewAsACrew to see how you can get involved with the fan-run campaign to get it renewed for Season 3!

  4. Taika, Why-titi? Avatar
    Taika, Why-titi?

    Taika supports a genocidal government now, so I’m seeing lots of people vowing not to watch it anymore.

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