It’s Over: SAG-AFTRA Hails ‘Extraordinary’ $1 Billion Deal to End Strike, Studios Welcome ‘New Paradigm’ for Industry

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The tentative agreement will be presented to members for ratification after a special meeting of national board

SAG-AFTRA Strike Talks Studios AMPTP
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After six months of picket lines, Hollywood’s strike is over. SAG-AFTRA announced Wednesday afternoon that its TV/Theatrical committee unanimously approved a tentative agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on a new contract that would bring an end to the strike at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday.

While details about the contract haven’t been made public yet, in a message to members explaining the $1 billion-deal, the guild touted “unprecedented” protections for the use of artificial intelligence software, hikes on pension and benefits caps, provisions to increase diversity, bigger pay for extras and a “participation bonus” for streaming content.


One response to “It’s Over: SAG-AFTRA Hails ‘Extraordinary’ $1 Billion Deal to End Strike, Studios Welcome ‘New Paradigm’ for Industry”

  1. JIM Avatar

    Strike leaders always spin the gains of any strike as a huge life changing victory in order to justify the exorbitant salaries they and their guild attorneys  get paid. How much does Whatever % over the old minimums that actors
    will now get will be erased as a result of inflation and the wages lost as a result of the strike. Interesting The Wrap doesn’t know the exact % increase minimums are being increased but whatever %  it is it’s not life changing for any actor with a family to support. Glad the strike is over so actors can get back to work but I don’t think I’d be dancing in the streets  or popping bottles of champagne over this tentative but sure to pass deal. Btw When did “extras” become “background actors”? How pretentious…

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