Taylor Swift ‘Exiled’ From Philadelphia Radio Station Before Kelce Brothers’ Eagles vs. Chiefs Game

“This weekend, it’s really important we show our support for the Birds,” Q102’s “Nugget” says

From left to right: Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce (Getty Images)

Philadelphia radio station Q102 doesn’t have any “Bad Blood” with Taylor Swift, but they just need Eagles fans to get their heads in the game for Sunday’s showdown between the Kelce brothers on the football field.

“Q102 is punting Taylor Swift from the radio station for the entire weekend because while Q102 loves Taylor Swift — we can’t get enough of her — this weekend, it’s really important we show our support for the Birds,” Q102 host Nugget said in an interview with CBS News Philadelphia.

Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce has recently kindled a relationship with Swift, but his brother Jason plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Swift grew up in Pennsylvania, and she even mentions an “Eagles T-shirt” in “gold rush,” the third track on her album “evermore.” But since she started seeing Travis, his jersey and Chiefs apparel have spiked in sales.

The brothers have faced off in bigger games than this — this game’s a repeat of this year’s Super Bowl matchup between the Eagles and the Chiefs. But that was before Swift and Travis Kelce started dating.

The entirety of Swift’s catalog will be welcomed back to the local radio station on Tuesday, following the outcome of the game. 

“Lady Marmalade” singer Patti LaBelle even issued a challenge to Swift come Sunday’s matchup.

“You know what – let me say something. Taylor and all your ‘Swifties,’ back up boo-boo,” the 79-year-old singer said on “The Tamron Hall Show,” according to People. “[The Chiefs are] going down. The Eagles are going to win. It’s a done deal. So, I love you Taylor, but stay home.”

Swift has three shows to play in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this weekend, so it doesn’t look like she will be able to attend this big game. But Drew Barrymore did some calculations about Swift’s ability to make it to the Super Bowl if her beau makes it with the Chiefs.

No doubt, the brothers will unpack this decision on their “New Heights” podcast, which may have been where this all began.


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