15 Most Shocking Moments From the ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Finale

Jason Sudeikis presents a victorious closing chapter for the Apple TV+ comedy as its future remains unclear

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Note: This story contains spoilers from the Season 3 finale of “Ted Lasso.”

Yeah, this might be all that we get. This might just well be it.

It’s almost like the “Ted Lasso” theme song anticipated that the Season 3 finale would close nearly all major storylines of the Apple TV+ series as the show’s future remains unclear.

Season 3, Episode 12, titled “So Long, Farewell,” debuted Wednesday and wrapped up many of the loose ends left behind in previous episodes. Richmond got one last exciting soccer game — and a win! Rupert threw a fit. Nate went back to his rightful place on the coaching staff of the greyhounds. But, before all of this happened, Ted told Rebecca and Beard and the team that he had to say goodbye and go back home to his son.

The 75-minute episode closed with what seemed like a happy ending for all of the AFC Richmond family, as Ted returned to the US and settled in as a soccer coach for his son’s team. With star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis insisting the end of the story is here, and Apple keeping quiet on the show’s fate beyond Season 3, this really might be the end.

Grab some tissues, hush your butts and buckle up. This finale was a wild ride full of amazing and surprising moments:

Ted Dropped the Truth Bomb

The words weren’t caught on camera, but let’s just say Ted (Sudeikis) woke up in Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) house, making it look like they slept together. Beard (Brendan Hunt) came down in a speedo and Jane (Phoebe Walsh) followed him. Rebecca did not want to discuss what caused this situation. After some seconds of suspense, they revealed a dangerous gas leak had taken them out of their homes forcing them to bunk with Rebecca for the night. As for what Rebecca didn’t want to talk about? Ted shared his plans to leave AFC Richmond so he could return to the U.S. to be with his son.

Rebecca Debated Selling the Entire Club

Since the team’s value increased with their guaranteed spot in the Champions League next year, Higgins told Rebecca she should sell a minority stake in AFC Richmond (49%) and make extra money to hire more players and renovate the stadium. Rebecca asked Higgins (Jeremy Swift) how much she would get if she sold the entire club, to which he replied 2 billion pounds.

Roy and Jaime Got a Beer and Cemented Their Friendship, But Then They Fought Over Keeley

Jamie (Phil Dunster) chugged his long-awaited beer after Roy (Brett Goldstein) asked him to go get drinks. Who knows how long he had to wait for it since he started his training regiment with Roy? The two acted all chummy until Keeley (Juno Temple) came up. Roy didn’t want Jamie getting in the way of his slow build to winning Keeley back, but once Jaime confirmed that they aren’t official yet, he stubbornly wouldn’t stand down because he thought he was meant to be with Keeley. Jaime also reveals that Keeley’s nude video that got leaked was made for him.

The discussion turns into a heated fight that happens off-screen, until the men show up at Keeley’s front door looking disheveled. They told her what happened and left the decision in her hands. In a surprising but understandable turn of events, Keeley kicked both men out and chose herself. Maybe Keeley was better off alone all along?

Rebecca Tried to Get Ted to Stay

She told him he could be one of the highest paid coaches with all the money she could make from selling the minority stake in AFC Richmond. She also told him if he leaves, she will leave, and she will sell the whole club. She said Henry could go to school in England, and Michelle could come teach. All very viable options! Ted silently declined her offer, knowing his rightful place was back home with his family.

Roy Asked to Be a Diamond Dog

“I’m not f—ing around here,” he said when Nate (Nick Mohamed), Ted, Beard, Trent (James Lance) and Higgins started looking for video cameras, thinking they were being pranked when he asked to join the Diamond Dog squad. 

“Perfect is boring,” Beard said when Roy ruminated about whether he’s changed at all. Deep and philosophical as always, Diamond Dogs. Nate the Great shared in his signature optimism that people do change. Higgins brought them home saying “As long as you try, you’re always moving towards better.”

Zava Sent a Care Package

And one GIANT avocado that deserved the “Holy guacamole” from Jaime Tartt in his glorious Mancurian accent. The star player, who briefly joined the greyhounds earlier this season, ended up retiring despite his diva tendencies.

Dani Got Van Damme a New Mask

The keeper (played by Moe Jeudy-Lamour), whose nose broke under the force of a kick from Dani in international play, chose not to give up his clear face mask that protected him from further injury. The mask upped his level of play too because he made way more saves. From now on, call him Zorro (vs. his original name Zorreaux).

The Team Kept Pieces of the Believe Sign

In what may be the show’s the most emotional moment, Ted looked to the spot where the bright yellow “Believe” sign hung above his office doorway before Nate tore it up earlier in the series. Sam reached into his locker to grab a folded shred of the ripped up sign to place in the middle of the room. Jaime took out his piece next. The signature motto had been number 4 to Ted’s “total football” philosophy the whole time!

Isaac Took a Penalty Kick

And it burned a hole in the net! The fan that caught the end of the kick had quite a bloody nose at the end too. Initially it looked like McAdoo’s (Kola Bokinni) kick went over the net and he missed, but the slow motion capture cameras caught what really happened, as did the sharp-eyed referee, who examined the tear in the back of the goal.

Ted Called Offsides

He finally learned the rules! Ted struggled to learn the offside rule in soccer (or football as he learned to call it) for three whole seasons. He called it so nonchalantly, easing the minds of many when it dawned that this meant West Ham did not score another goal.

Richmond WON, But They Still Came in Second in the League

The redheaded Ussie kid from the show’s pilot episode broke the news to viewers as he talked to Ted in the airport before his voyage back to Kansas. It wouldn’t be full circle without his asking for another “ussie” with Ted.

Rebecca Didn’t Sell the Whole Club, and She Reunited with her Dutch Man

“You’re going home to your family, Ted, and I want to stay with mine,” she said after she bought a first class ticket just to give Ted a proper goodbye. And it turned out that the man she met in Amsterdam works as a flight attendant, and she saw his daughter trip and fall. She went to help the little girl and she found her true love. Looks like her mom’s fortune teller was right after all.

Coach Beard’s First Name Is…

Willis! After he and Ted said I love you to each other, Willis faked an appendix burst to get off the plane that would’ve taken him home to Kansas with Ted.

Roy Took Over the Club, and Went to Therapy with Dr. Fieldstone

Rebecca announced Roy as the new manager of AFC Richmond, after which he proudly took the podium in a new blue coach’s kit to answer the press’s burning questions. Beard and Nate stayed on staff as well.

The Ending Montage

Beard and Jane got married at Stonehenge, with Kenneth the bus driver officiating the ceremony. The balder, brawnier, knock off Roy Kent from Coach Beard’s Blue Moon episode in Season 2 attended their wedding with his redheaded wife. Nate, Beard and Roy hung up the taped together believe sign in the locker room. Sam made the Nigerian national team, and Jaime reunited with his dad, wherever he went to seemingly sober up. 

Trent changed the title of his book from “The Lasso Way” to “The Richmond Way” at the advice of Ted, who wrote that it was never really about him, anyway. Ted returned home, to his house, with a Little Free Library in front of it, to his son Henry and seemingly reunited with his wife Michelle. He ended the episode coaching Henry’s soccer team. Seeing Lasso on the back of a number 9 jersey hit all the feelings!

All episodes of “Ted Lasso” are now streaming on Apple TV+.