The CW’s Brad Schwartz Knows Not All His Content Swings Will Hit: ‘That Was Certainly by Design’

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With an investment in international content, the network stands to air more scripted content than most of its peers this fall amid the writers’ strike

CW President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz. (Jeff Weiner/The CW)

There’s a joke thrown around The CW offices: “We have more fans than viewers,” the network’s president of entertainment Brad Schwartz told TheWrap in a recent interview.

It’s a good line, one that alludes to the network’s dedicated fan bases that routinely make small-audience shows like “Nancy Drew” and “Gotham Knights” trend on Twitter. But it’s also a joke that nods to why the network is in the middle of such a massive transition following its 2022 acquisition by Nexstar. For Schwartz, The CW’s future is dependent on both retaining the passionate audience that’s been loyal to the brand over the past 20 years, and diversifying so it can compete with its network peers.